Rating – 5 Star  /  Food – 5 Star  /  Service – 5 Star  / Ambiance – 5 Star

Normally, I am not a huge fan of tapas-style restaurants – too often it seems to be a euphemism for serving up a few sardines on a plate and a bit of cold white asparagus. Tabanco is a glorious exception to this. The food here is simply superb. It is proudly imaginative and never less than mouthwatering. On the drinks front, they do cocktails but their strength is in their excellent choice of sherry. The staff are very knowledgeable about the food and drink that they serve and genuinely enjoy sharing their knowledge with diners. This is by far and away a better restaurant than the Michelin-listed Spanish restaurant that is in the same neighbourhood. Specifically, we had an interesting and delicious celeriac dish, an aubergine tempura that my wife and friend liked (I happen to not like aubergine myself), an excellent saffron-monkfish ceviche style dish, a charred mackerel dish with plum, excellent beef cheeks, a pork fillet with potato terrine, crab crema Catalana, ( a slightly weaker dish but still tasty) and for dessert, a wonderful chocolate dish that was sensationally rich, along with two cheese dishes. I whole-heartedly recommend the whole experience – whether you are looking for casual dining or for a top notch experience.